It’s our recipe for staffing success.

It all begins with truly understanding what you need. Are specialized skills a must-have? Just looking for a dedicated worker you can count on to get the job done? We staff every position from dishwashers to engineers. That never means we send you just a warm body. We perform the due diligence it takes to give you the results you need.

We go beyond the call of duty:

  • Phone and in-person interviews
  • Verify work history and credentials
  • 52-point orientation plan
  • Client-specific orientation as needed
  • Screening includes:
    • e-Verify
    • I-9
    • Check references
    • Pre-interview and at least one additional interview
    • Drug screening

Eastern Personnel Services, Inc. is a leading office & industrial staffing agency in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia and nationwide. Our office & industrial recruiters will help you reach your goals with services like these:

Keep up with variable demand with Eastern Personnel employees who have been fully screened and are prepared to get right to work.  Our temporary staffing service includes:

  • Skills testing
  • Drug screening
  • On-site supervision
  • Job orientation
  • 24-hour answering service
  • Wake-up calls for our employees

Avoid hiring mistakes by testing new employees on a temporary basis before you commit to full-time hiring decisions. Once they’ve worked 580 hours for you, you’re welcome to add them to your team.

Shorten your search for highly skilled, full-time talent. Best of all, with Eastern Personnel, there is no cost to you until you decide to hire someone we refer.

We’re here to help you and your business succeed.

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